Licenced escort agency

Licenced escort agency - Escort service with permit in Amsterdam

We are a licenced escort agency and this is a mandatory requirement for having escort service in Amsterdam. The reason behind it is that to ensure high quality and good working conditions for the girls. Also clients can be assured that they have the best possible service with no difficulties or problems. Escort is ofcourse legal in Holland. But only under the conditions of having a license which guarantees a solid & professional way of working. There are alot of bad players.

There are ofcourse, non legal and unlicenced escort agency's active in esp. this area. They don't work by the rules or simply do not attract anything that comes with having a license. The problem for you as a client is that you might get no help or service at all. It's like going through a non-offical car dealer, having your car fixed, and no guarantee when the car is brought back to you.

Professional services

They might offer you cheaper in comparison to a licenced professional escort service, but the support or service is just far gone once you need it. This is what makes us different compared to a non-legal agency in Amsterdam or any other city. We had too many cowboys who believed they could done it all without a licence, but never got far anyway. Most of them are being fined with tickets up to € 20.000 for running illegal escort services in Amsterdam. Yes they fine such amounts of money.

So if you would like to book escort girls, but willing at a professional escort agency only, you can be assured that we are one of them. You can usually find a license somewhere on the website like ASD-xxx-xxx where xxx is a number which indicates this is a license from Amsterdam. Other city's have different rules but without a KVK or license in general, please avoid.

Licenced agency matters

In Holland, prostitution is a legal business. Many city's require a escort service to have a official license. This means that the agency has qualified to ensure proper and legal business practice without the exploitation of female workers. Our escorts who sign up for Work as escort are checked before actually being listed on our Escort Girls. This ensures high professional service and quality many of our clients are used to. For more info please call us on +31 6 1786 2548. We are open 24 hours.