Red Light District

Famous & populair red lights in Amsterdam

Red Light District

As a tourist you've proberly heard of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. This is a genuine and real on the street brothel where you can view and visit girls who are working behind the windows. This tourist attraction is what brings many tourists from all over the world to have it seen at least one time. Ofcourse, it's populair, and fun to see, but is it really so good as it looks like? The truth is often a bit different… If your straight going for sex you might feel a tad dissapointed.

Not to discriminate anyone, but it's a fast paste of working and making money for the girls. You pay a high price for often just 10 minutes of sex in comparison with an escort agency. Many (extra) services come with an extra price and before you know you've just spend € 150 for just 20 minutes of fun. The second issue is that everybody can see you going in or using the services of a girl working at the red light district. For people who cannot be seen going to red lights this might be an issue…

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Red Light District – Kloveniersburgwal

The Red light district in Amsterdam can actually be found by following the way to Kloveniersburgwal – it's a fair triangle with red light windows which cannot be seen unnoticed when being there. Keep in mind that going there with a car it's not possible to park on the actual area. You have to find a nearby spot to park your car or even better grab a taxi or known app to get your transportation to the Red Light in amsterdam. If visiting a red light girl is a bit too much, you can always call our agency on the number +31 6 1786 2548. This is available 24 hours a day and brings you discrete escort girls.