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Striptease is a populair thing in Amsterdam to celebrate or suprise someone for a special occasion. We offer you the very best female strippers in this area who are available for striptease with various acts, theme's and use of special clothing. Our agency can assist you in finding the right female stripper for the right occasion. Just tell us when, where & how and we provide you the rest. The delivery starts from 35 minutes where preparation is taken into account to give the right type of entertainment.

A strip usually starts from 6 up to 15 minutes of dancing, depending on the act or theme. We might ask you to have certain music going on or provide you with music on either a CD or USB stick with pre-programmed tracks. Please keep in mind that it's not possible to have sex with the stripper. You follow her instructions and have respect at all time. For security, someone could be around on the background as this is normal procedure when booking a stripper in Amsterdam.

Female strippers

For a selection of female strippers in and around amsterdam please check out the bottom slider. All girls are real and available for striptease. We have different pricing for striptease, other then rates for escort service. Please contact our agency for more info and call +31 6 1786 2548. We are avialable 24 hours a day and provide various strippers at the age of 21 and above.

It is only possible to book female striptease girls, we do not offer male variants. This is due to the target audience our escort agency provides. We deliver in city's such as amsterdam and such. As written before the delivery starts from 35 minutes after confirmation booking unless specified else. We really recommend booking your stripper in advance for best appearance.

Fantastic Striptease on Location

>We understand that not all striptease agency's could delivery a last minute striptease. With our agency, we provide several girls who offer striptease shows which could be delivered to your location. Have a few songs setup, a lucky person and celebrate with a fantastic Striptease of choice in the region of Amsterdam. Please know that not all our Escorts are suitable for striptease. Our operator can tell you who's available for striptease. Keep in mind that striptease rates might vary compared to regular escort. You have to inform with us first please. Call us on +31 6 1786 2548 for more info.