Why safe sex

Safe sex is important

Why safe sex

Safe sex is a very important role with our Escort Service from Amsterdam. It is only possible to experience safe sex with one of our escort girls which means the use of condoms and use of clean towels, toys and more. We do not volenteer for unsafe sex handles since there is a risk for both party's. It's just not worth it on top of just the pleasure and / or extra money paid. Contact us today for safe sex in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland in The Netherlands.

Due to license restrictions, the official instances in Amsterdam only allow safe forms of sex. So it makes no sense to call our escort agency and ask for unsafe contact. We will not agree and not send girls who perform unsafe sex. However, if you really have the urge to find girls for sex without condom, this is not the place. We respect the health matters of our Girls.

Health safety

STD's can be an health issue if not taken care intime. Wether you like sex without condom with girls you dont know, there's a great chance to get something that could change your life. We really recommend performing safe sex with prostitutes in general for the girl's and your safety. Those who claim you can't get anything while performing unsafe sex, this is very dangerous gamble with anyone's life. Our girls carry condoms on a date. So the both of you always be equipped for safe sex.

For more info on safe sex with escorts please check our girls or call us on +31 6 1786 2548. We also accept online booking by using our escort booking. Various escort ladies now available for escort in your area. See our rates for pricing. We are open 24 hours a day, and deliver in Amsterdam starting from 25 minutes. Getting girls in your hotel room of choice is not a problem either, no extra subcharge! We work with various hotels for Hotel Escort Service.

Booking escort girls for safe sex

We really dont have to write a complete article about the reasoning why safe sex is an important matter. But we insist on that the health of both our clients and girls should be put up front. For more info on our services please give us a call on the number +31 6 1786 2548. Our operator can tell you which escort girl is available and for what rates starting from € 150. This offers delivery, a girl & standard service.

Our escort agency in Amsterdam is open 24 hours. At any time of the day when girls are available you are welcome to make a booking. This booking of escorts can also be done Online by using our website. The delivery starts from 25 minutes in the centre of amsterdam. Girls carry their own condoms supplied by our professional escort agency. You dont have to worry about these cases.