1. Is it legal to make a booking for an escort in Amsterdam?

It is legal to book an escort in the Netherlands or even be an escort. Provided that both parties are acting on their own will and are adults. Escort companies are also legal and licensed. In the case of licensed companies, they need to show that the escorts they hire are kept safe at all times. The company also has to convince the municipality that the rules of the law have been followed. Because the sex industry in the Netherlands is regulated, we are legal and monitored.!

2. What are the rates charged to make a booking for an escort in Amsterdam?

For the rates of each escort please visit our website. The fee or charge can depend on certain factors such as if the person is interested in a specific type of escort and her availability. For example, if there is a couple, then the escort needs to be bisexual to ensure the satisfaction of clients, hence the rates may be different. We also charge the tax amount on all our bookings. In some cases, the escort may not be listed on our site and the rates may be different for her. Such women fulfil a different role in society and secrecy is maintained to protect their identities..!

3. How can I select an escort to make the booking?

Most of our models or escorts are listed on the website. You can go through the list and pick out the one or two; you want to spend time with. Everyone listed on our site is real and genuine. We keep up with our escorts regularly and hence we know that we are keeping an up to date profile of them.

4.Can I contact the escort I booked directly?

No, you cannot contact the escort before your meeting date and time. Their privacy is important, and we will not share their personal contact information. The escort will not have your private number and if you have any requests, then we can pass it on to the selected escort. You can speak to her as much as you want once she arrives to meet you. Our privacy policies prevent sharing of personal information which goes both ways.

5.What services can I expect from the escort?

You will be getting the time for which you have paid. The time starts when the escort is at your place of choice and will be there for the time period that you have booked with her. It can be an hour or more depending on what you have asked for. Your personal preferences will be enquired about and the price will be based on that. The escort will offer entertainment, companionship, conversations, erotic or sensual services and a good time in general. She will take the initiative to pleasure you and make sure you have a good time. A normal full service does involve kissing and sex, but safe sex is practiced by all escorts. Please don?t pressure them for unprotected sex. As we aim to maintain the health of the customer and escort, protected sex is advocated. Pushing for unprotected sex will result in the escort leaving.

6.Are the escorts used in the pictures on your site real?

All escorts listed with pictures on our website are 100% real and the pictures are recent. The escorts are really beautiful and have been photographed by professionals. We don?t believe in setting up false expectations and don?t send a different girl. We believe in cultivating relationships through trust and the girls listed are genuine.

7. When do I need to make a booking?

If you want a specific escort or have very specific needs, then it is best to make a booking a few days in advance. You can also contact us a few hours before the time you want the meeting to take place. However, availability is limited at the last moment. It will take at least an hour for the escort to be with you, so kindly allow for that time. We have escorts located in different parts of the city and depending on your requirements we will try to match you with the best one if the booking is last minute. But if you have booked days in advance then there shouldn?t be any problem in the chosen escort meeting with you.

8 Is there a cancellation policy I need to be aware of?

We understand that there may be situations when the booking may be cancelled by you. But please inform us in advance so that all refundable costs can be returned, and the escort doesn?t have to travel all the way for nothing. If the escort has already travelled to meet you then you may have to reimburse her travelling costs.

9.What types of payment options do I have?

You can pay directly to the agency through online transfer or card payments. Or you can keep the right amount of cash in hand and pay the lady immediately when she arrives. In either case, payment has to be made before the date begins.

10.Can I approach the escort by myself to negotiate the rates?

This is strictly not allowed. You need to go through the agency and pay the rate as decided by us. We will also schedule the date and time of the meeting in consultation with you. But you cannot contact or meet the escort directly. For an unparalleled experience, it is best if we handle the payment, scheduling and communication, plus ensure both parties? safety.

11.Can I take the escort with me on an international trip?

On the moment not all our escorts are open for international travel . If you meet before the escort lady while in Amsterdam and u had a good conection ,talk with her about it and she is perfect fine with that , you can book her for international travel only with 50% advance payment .

12.What about my personal information and details?

Your personal information is covered by our privacy policy and we do our best to keep it safe. Your engagements with our escorts are kept discreet. Your information is confidential and will never be released to any third parties. Our reputation is built on being discreet. Yours and our escort?s information is safe with us. It goes both ways so don?t ask the escorts for their names, addresses or other uncomfortable personal questions.

13.Are there any additional travel expenses?

Travel expenses are based on your location. Wherever you are based, the escort will travel there. We will inform you about the travel charges when the booking is confirmed.Normally our price cover the travel expenses and for Amsterdam and Schiphol area are free of charge.

14.What is the required age limit to book an escort?

To make use of our escort service, you need to be 18 years or older. We will not entertain minors.

If you did not find your answer here , please fell free to contact us by chat or at the phone number listed ,we will be more then happy to answer all your questions and get helpful .
The satisfation of our clients is a must and we offer high quality escort service !